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Essential Shapes FMM Tappits

Essential Shapes FMM Tappits

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Set consists of 8 shapes - Circles, Ovals, Diamonds, Triangles. Hexagons, Squares, Rectangles and Wonky Rectangles. Four tappits in a pack, Two different shapes on each tappit with 5 different sizes of each shape except for the rectangles which have four. 

Roll out your modeling paste to 2mm thick using a non stick rolling pin. Turn your modelling paste over and cut out your shape. To obtain the best cut, press the back of your cutter firmly with your hand, then gently slide your cutter backwards and forwards. Carefully remove the excess modelling paste.  Then tap your Tappit to remove.
The cut out shapes can be positioned immediately on to your cake or cupcake. Secure with water or Gum Glue if desired.