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Houndstooth Pattern Cutter

Houndstooth Pattern Cutter

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Product Brand: Not Just Cakes By Annie
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The Houndstooth cutter was designed to be used on a variety of craft projects, fondant, gumpaste, cookies and much more.

It is made of non toxic bio-plastic (made from renewable natural resources like corn) and needs to be washed by hand in cold or warm water (not hot), as it is not dishwasher safe. 

The cutter is about 1.6" h x 0.875" w x .35" d.
The pattern is about 1.2" tall x 0.7" wide. 

In Metric units:

The cutter is about 40mm h x 22mm w x 9mm d.
The pattern is about 30mm tall x 18mm wide.